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What kind of support does AB Soft offer their users? (What kind of support does AB Soft provide?)

We provide regular telephone support on workdays and Saturdays for our clients during the first year of our contract and for those who signed a contract about basic maintenance. Online support is also available. If it is vital for your business, we can answer your urgent needs in critical situation

• Will AB Soft programs be suitable for my type of business?

Comprehensiveness is basic characteristic of our programs. All our clients use the same versions of the program, configured in accordance with organization of the company and specific situations. Depending on program, hundreds of clients use the program for their work.

• Can I try the programs?

Yes. We invite you to appoint a presentation for the program you take an interest in. We will be glad to answer all your questions. Take your financial experts to the presentation, after all, they are going to use the programs and ask the right questions. If you are not able to visit us and try our programs, please, contact us to agree on some other way of presentation. After the presentation, you can try our programs for a free one-month trial period. Working in your company with real data will help you check whether our programs are suitable for you. It is worth mentioning that during the trial period you do not get demo, but functional versions of the program used by registered user.

• What happens if legal provisions (law regulations) change?

Our programs are designed to allow users to adjust the parameters themselves. Thus, in case of most changes of legal provisions such as changes of tax rates, changes of chart of accounts, denomination, rounding amount down, and many other changes, there is no need to change the programs or ask for our experts’ professional help. However, in case of any essential or unpredictable changes, AB Soft quickly responds by designing new program versions based on experts’ advice and official acts. Those versions are instantly sent to our clients. Find out more in AB Soft maintenance program.

• Is it necessary to have previous knowledge about computers?

   Is it possible to have special training?

No previous knowledge about computers is required to use AB Soft programs. The manuals you are given along with the programs have all the information necessary for simple application of the program, as well as situations you are likely to meet in your everyday work. If you need extra training for your staff, AB Soft will be glad to meet your demands. With our programs you are soon going to be able to use your potentials altogether.

Our qualified experts can help you if you need to reorganize certain departments while installing our programs.

• What kinds of computers are required for AB Soft programs?

• Is it possible to buy computers and printers at AB Soft?

• Šta dobijam radom u mrežnom okruženju?
Can AB Soft install my network?

You will need a PC to use AB Soft programs. Since it is a very popular computer, you probably already posses one. If the amount of work makes it necessary, it is possible to make a computer network, which will provide you with simultaneous work with the same data from different positions. You will also need a printer. An A4 size should be adequate to cover most of your needs. You may need an A3 size to print certain forms and reports. Along with the program packages, AB Soft can offer you the necessary computer equipment (computers, printers), as well as nondurable goods (paper and tapes for printers, floppy discs). Our experts can also design and install computer networks (more than 90 companies in the country use computer networks designed by AB Soft).

• Does NATIONAL BANK accept computer made documents?

• Are AB Soft programs in accordance with JRS33 standard?

• Do AB Soft programs support ISO9000 standard?
All our programs are designed in accordance with current regulations. The same applies to validity of documents made by our programs. All relevant reports and documents generated by the programs have special form and therefore are accepted by National Bank. Other institutions accept them as well.

JRS33: AB Soft programs are designed to answer the requests of JRS33 bookkeping standard, and will be given certificate as soon as the standard becomes obligatory.

The Association of Accountants and Auditors carried JRS33 standard on December 24, 1993. It was published in Sluzbeni list SRJ number 88/93. JRS33 standard determines quality features of accounting software. Since the policy on verification of accounting software has not been adopted, none computer program makers is given certificate by the authorities.

There are no other formal certificates in our country and there is no institution entitled to issue certificates or make recommendations for validity of accounting software.

ISO9000: No computer program will automatically provide you with quality system. You provide the support for ISO9000 standard yourself, by organizing the structure of your company in accordance with set standards. Owing to the organization of information and documents flow, as well as quality of provided information, AB Soft programs will help meet the quality in your work.

• Does only one program allow me to keep the books of more clients?

AB Soft programs are designed for bookkeeping agencies as well, which means that you can keep books for more clients.

Program versions for bookkeeping agencies are sold separately and their price is 30% higher than that of a basic version.

The basic version of the program allows you to keep the books of many clients at the same price. This is very convenient for: bookkeeping agencies, companies that have only started to provide the bookkeeping services and companies that have more independent units (corporations, holding companies, etc.). 

• What do I gain from the maintenance?

During the first year after the purchase of the program, each customer gets free basic support, which includes delivery of floppy discs with the latest versions or the programs, resulted from the changes in regulations or from improvement of our program solutions.

After that period, the basic support is charged 20% of the program price.

AB Soft offers extra programs for regular hardware and network maintenance that include preventive servicing.

For the clients with higher demands we offer special services (quick response).

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