Integrated program solutions

In new business solutions, it is not enough just to record a change. It is necessary to integrate all internal systems and business flows. The global development of business relations demands setting higher levels of integrations which include processes and applications inside the entire branch of business: from monitoring the market, recording and following-up potential clients, relations with suppliers and customers, human resources management, analyses of business changes and setting operation plans and strategic goals.

A prompt and precise piece of information is the imperative of modern business operations: the customers want products and services that can meet their needs; they want information about prices, terms and time of delivery, durability of product. The precise piece of information about supplier's assortment, terms of sale, reliability, a quick response to the changes in the market could be crucial for quality purchase. If one wants their business system to function without error and interruption, it is necessary to have the entire business chain computer based. The requested piece of information must be available anywhere, anytime within the current

AB Soft can offer you an integrated solution - an integration of information subsystems and applications that contains the entire process of management of information and business flows in a company. The information system makes it possible to manage company’s resources and making decisions based on punctual and reliable information.

Our business software solution includes not only bookkeeping aspects, but also some other critical moments in a business system that can be crucial for successful functioning of the system as a whole.

Our solutions are the result of sixteen years of experience in designing business software. All software products are developed using the latest Microsoft developer tools.

Business platform:

- MS SQL Server 2000/2005
- MS Windows 2003 Server
- Microsoft XP Professional
- Visual Studio tools
- Microsoft .NET platform
- Microsoft Office 2003 tools

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