The advantages of AB Soft program solutions

As one of the leading makers of business softwares for different companies, AB Soft can successfully meet all demands of modern business. Here are some of the advantages we can offer.

  • Our programs are universal solution for all sorts of companies. They are designed to meet different demands in different lines of business. Our programs possess mechanisms that allow users to adjust them in accordance with their needs.

  • You do not have to be a computer expert to use our programs. It is enough to have knowledge of your proffesion. Unique and simple organization of menu, data input and view, as well as thorough instuctions allow you to use our programs without difficulties.

  • Our programs are connected, which allows users to enter the data only once. All the relevant information on the data will be automatically sent to other parts of the information system.

  • AB Soft programs are designed in accordance with JRS33 accounting standard

  • Our consultants and experts on economics keep themselves informed of the latest legal provisions in order to find the best way to implement them into our applications. We also make new versions which result from our experts’ constant effort to improve our applications by adding new options to them.

  • We can find extra solutions for clients with special demands.

  • AB Soft can provide you with service that includes help with installation and use of our program applications. We provide telephone and e-mail support. We can also agree to visit you in your office.

  • Our applications allow you establish an internet connection with a e-bank software, so that you can quickly make payment warrants and transfer the changes from the drawing account into your bookkeeping. This way you can have a clear view of your company status.

  • As an IBM Business partner, AB Soft can offer you quality computers and components at popular prices along with service and a three-year guarantee. Apart from IBM products, we offer HP-COMPAQ PC computers or other computers that can be assemble from high quality components



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